The world of wheat

The original ham-let puffed wheat product range is made from whole wheat, using a technology to further preserve the original nutrients from the grain. The whole wheat grain that serves as the base of the product is a whole grain cereal and is considered nutritionally more valuable than finely ground refined grains.

Similarly to other cereals, it contains complex carbohydrates, relatively high levels of dietary fiber, a smaller amount of protein and a minimum amount of fat. The consumption of one unit (30 g) of the product provides nearly 4% of the daily energy requirement. Wheat protein is rich in lysine (an essential amino acid), which cannot be produced by the body, thus it must be acquired from food.

According to the literature, it offers a favourable glycemic index of about 50-70%, which is lower than that of bread or roll made from white flour, or white rice and products made from white rice. For this reason it may make a suitable addition for the diet of diabetics.

Significant minerals it contains are phosphorus (component of bones and teeth), magnesium (significant role in responsiveness of the nervous and muscular systems and in enzymes, and as a component of teeth, bone), iron (haematogenesis, transport of oxygen, cellular function), copper (enzyme function, red blood cell formation, control of iron and zinc metabolism), zinc (component of enzymes, cell regeneration, stimulation of the immune system) and manganese (activation of enzymes, regulation of metabolic processes).

Some vitamins it contains are niacin (significant role in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism) and vitamin E (antioxidant, a role in growth and in wound healing, protection of health of cell membranes, of the skin, and of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, role in fertility).