The ham-let products, which were then considered very innovative products, appeared on the shelves of Hungarian stores for the first time in 1991. Thanks to the well-known brand built up in nearly 30 years and thanks to the constant quality offered, the puffed rice round bars are still very much sought after nowadays.

In the beginning, it was really only popular among those who wanted to lose weight, because it provides a feeling of being full and it’s suitable for dieting with moderate consumption. However, it can be well integrated into the health-conscious nutrition trend of today too. In addition to the grain content, the product has a maximum salt content of 1%. Due to its versatility, it can be used at any time of the day: it is a versatile alternative to bread, but it is also a delicious substitute for side dishes at lunchtime, and it is a great snack for even watching a film without having to upset your conscience. Dieters, athletes, children liking good food and lazy, busy but conscious housewives certainly should keep this product on their chamber shelf.

Another great advantage it offers is the one-year warranty period that allows you to enjoy the crispness of puffed ham-let for a long time.

Thanks to the investments of the past year and the modern production line, we can continue meeting ever-increasing market demands. We have been developing our new products with new flavour combinations and packaging with modern design elements based on customer feedback and the data from ongoing market research.

The ham-let brand consists of three product families from the end of 2017. The well-known puffed wheat, with a salty and a natural version, and the puffed rice also with a salty and a natural version belong to the original ham-let family. In addition to the original product family, we have created a multigrain product family with our three new products, the puffed rice bar with flax seed and sesame seed, the puffed corn bar with brown rice, flax seed and sunflower seed, and the puffed rice bar with sunflower seed and chia* seed.

For those who desire sweets without consequences, we recommend our sweet product line.