2006 | Agrimill Élelmiszeripari Ltd. was founded (later name Agrimill-Food Élelmiszeripari Ltd.), which is the manufacturer of Ham-let, besides a number of other milling products, with Ham-let being one of the most popular snacks in Hungary.

2012 | After last year, with one year of pursuing commercial activity only, the company expanded its capacities to again start manufacturing its own products.

2013 | With the modernization of the machine fleet and the introduction of a 8-head puffing machine, production of the puffed rice-based Ham-lets became even more efficient.

2017 | In line with modern nutritional requirements, several more new 6-head puffing and packing machines were introduced, enabling the production of new favourite products such as puffed rice bars with sunflower, chia, flax and sesame seeds, and puffed corn bars made more exquisite with brown rice, flax and sunflower seeds.

2018 | Ditching the nearly 30-year-old design, the look of Ham-let products is also renewed. In addition to the website for puffed cereal bars, the packaging will also come with completely new and modern design elements to announce the existence of health-conscious nutrition.